Glossybox Holiday 2015

glossy holiday

Like most people, I love the holidays. Like, crazy Christmas music in October (#mariah) love the holidays. I also equally love metallics. I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I love Christmas even more after getting this holiday Glossybox, a perfect combination of holiday and party glamour metallic champagne swagger. After the past few months, I had been feeling a bit down about Glossybox and the quality of the curation/value of the box, but this holiday box is possibly the best beauty box I’ve ever gotten. I purchased it with the intention of gifting a few items, but I don’t think I’ll be able to let these beauties go. I mean, look at them.

gb hol lipgloss light

An extremely sophisticated/technologically advanced lipgloss. The gloss itself is nice and a gorgeous shade, but the tube is the literal shining star; it has illuminating LEDs on the wand, and a mirror on the tube. In da club and need to do a quick makeup check? Merely whip out your lipgloss flashlight and you’re set. Hot mess be gone!

Size: 10/10 – full size! Oh Glossy, you doin good.
Product: 10/10 – it’s a gorgeous lipgloss. It’s a mirror. It’s a FLASHLIGHT. It’s the swiss army knife of cosmetics, basically.
Price: $20 – for a good product, $20 is reasonable. Even more so for one with a dope light up wand and a mirror.
Overall: 9/10 – treat yoself to the ultimate, light up lipgloss. Also, it’s a gorgeous, universal shade. Win win.

gb hol nail polish

This nail polish is perfect for an upscale holiday mani. It’s rose-goldish and screams jingle all the gd way.

Product: 9/10 – rose gold and beautiful. A unique and sparkly shade, but perfect for the hohoholidays.
Overall: 10/10 – a great nail polish in a beautiful color, perfect for the holidays. Glossy nailed it with this one.

gb hol oil

This body oil screams ~seduction~. I’m generally against oils, but this one definitely is special. Use it in your hair, on your body, blend it into your foundation, bathe in it – the possibilities are endless. A sleek seductress I shall soon be.

Size: 10/10 – continuing with the full size streak, hallelujah hallelujah!
Product: 10/10 – I have never found a hair/body oil that I enjoy until now. I would literally bathe in it if quantities permitted. Unfortunately, they do not.
Price: $45 – considering that some less-pleasant oils cost an ovary and a pound of gold for .01 oz, $45 for an entire 3.3 oz bottle is extremely reasonable.
Overall: 10/10 – this is my favorite item in the box, and this is my favorite box ever. I hate oils, but Nuxe is making me think that maybe they’re not so bad after all. Who knew? (GLOSSYBOX DID).

gb hol palette 2

gb hol palette

gb hol bag

I felt like I needed a white glove to even remove this palette from its drawstring dust bag. It’s so gorgeous that I’m reluctant to even touch it, let alone use it. As Iggy so eloquently once said, I’m so fancy. You already know.

Size: 10/10 – Full size and every inch of it is ~gorgeous~
Product: 10/10 – the highest quality compact I’ve received in a box. It’s absolutely gorgeous; I’m having a hard time bringing myself to use it. Gorgeous enough to warrant having a dust bag.
Price: $70 – but did I mention how gorgeous? I can’t speak to the makeup itself, but I’ll probably never end up using it. It’s not that kind of cosmetic.
Overall: 10/10 – I don’t know how GB did it, but this is one extraordinary and special item. It’s the kind of compact that you can never bare to get rid of and eventually your great-great granddaughter ends up with it.  Little did she know you got it in a $40 subscription box.

gb hol mascara

I love mascaras; this one isn’t anything extraordinary, but I can never complain about adding a luxury one to my repertoire. Merry indulgence to me.

Size: 10/10 – full size, and larger than most mascaras, surprisingly. Long tube, long wand.
Product: 5/10 – my ~fun and flirty~ eyelashes aren’t complaining.
Price: $30 – just your average, inflated $30 mascara. I don’t get quite as much of a sense of luxury as I did with some of the other products.
Overall: 5/10 – pretty sure I have this exact mascara, except it’s a different brand, and I got it at the drugstore for $7.

gb hol eyeliner

Just like mascara, you can never have too many eyeliners. Both are a staple in my daily beauty routine, and this eyeliner is fab. It glides on like ~butter~ and performs just as fabulously as any eyeliner should. It’s also vegan and waterproof, so it won’t run when those Christmas tears of joy start streaming.

Size: 7/10 – it’s a full sized product, but it’s still a shorter pencil. Try telling your man ~that~ one.
Product: 7/10 – above average in that it is waterproof and vegan, but completely average in that it  doesn’t feel or act any differently than the $1 eyeliner pencils I buy in the bargain bins at Walgreens.
Price: $19 – wat? This literally seems like they just took the pencil, looked at it and placed a random af number on it. See aforementioned comment about $1 Walgreens eyeliner pencils.
Overall: 8/10 – it’s obviously quality makeup that I can work into my daily routine, so I’m definitely not complaining. I didn’t hear the songs of 1000 angels when I saw it, though.

Of course, Glossybox did what Glossybox always does best – their boxes. This metallic box is easily the prettiest one I’ve ever gotten from a subscription and one of the few I’ll consider making functional use out of.

Here’s to you, Glossybox. You really outdid yourself. *pops champagne*

Happy holidays Glossy bebs!



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