Popsugar Must Have November 2015

psmh 11-15

Popsugar is a $40 box that includes a myriad of items ranging from home decor to food to beauty. Personally, I’ve been a subscriber for 4 months and this month’s box absolutely ~killed~ it. It’s self-described as being inspired by friends, family, gratitude, gifting, and festivities, I’d say it’s inspired by one thing: YAAAS, WORK, QUEEN.

handband 1


Not by my own choosing, my hair can only be worn one way: blown dry and straightened. It doesn’t really do ponytails, or hair clips, or hair ties. It definitely likes the occasional rat’s nest “do” on Saturdays and Sundays, but asides from that, I’ve got nothing. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t stare at the mesmerizing sparkle for about half an hour upon opening because this headband is crazy glamourous, but I won’t ever have a use for it; my hair doesn’t allow happiness.

Size: 9/10 – full size, meaning that it fits most heads. Most being not mine.
Product: 7/10 – hello hollywood, nice to meet you. Glamour radiates from all facets and makes for a socially acceptable tiara of sorts. You sparkle, you shine!
Price: $56 – though it seems sparklier than your average forever 21 cheapo headband, $56 for a headband seems a tad absurd. I may be biased due to my abnormal head shape and bitterness about my inability to wear the shining beauty.
Overall: 7/10 – I would regift to someone who could actually make functional use of it, but I think I’ll keep it for myself and pull it out to stare at on a rainy day. Every girl needs at least one $56 headband in their jewelry repertoire, anyways. “I just can’t not own this,” she said to herself, pathetically trying to justify keeping it.


The latest eyeshadow shades I’ve received in boxes have included orange, camo green, deep burgundy and copper. Getting shades that don’t massacre my ~beautiful delicate porcelain~ (jk it’s just pale af) skin is a surprising change of pace. The shades are beautiful and Tarte makes some quality stuff. A non-gamble, sure-fire cosmetic.

Size: 10/10 – perfect amount of eyeshadow. Anymore and it gets grungy and I end up throwing it away anyways.
Product: 9/10 – beautiful shades, and Tarte is a brand fave.
Price: $22 – extremely reasonable for a quality eyeshadow quad.
Overall: 9/10 – I have yet to see PSMH flop with a cosmetic, and this one is no exception.



This ain’t yo grammy’s bingo. It ~is~ however, every graphic designer’s wet dream. Grab “up to 8″ of your chic af girlfriends, a dozen bottles of wine and host a bingo party because BINGO’S BACK, BABY, and prettier than ever. Even if you don’t plan on hosting that grown-up drunken bingo party, showcase this bad boy on your bookshelf and make your house/apt/condo feel straight out of a to-die-for Pinterest home decor pic. I live for good design, and this beb’s palette has been satiated. Plus, who the hell owns a chic box of bingo? NOW, YOU DO. Bam.

Size: 10/10 – full size, full set. I dig.
Product: 8/10 – I officially declare November bingo month. I’m probably too excited about a chic box of bingo, but it’s classy af and I’ve been looking for a new party theme.
Price: $20 – the cards are printed on heavy cardstock, and though it’s doesn’t scream “luxury,” it’s definitely a well constructed product that’ll last, even through some of the crazy drunken bingo parties I’m envisioning.
Overall: 9/10 – if this were a baby box of bingo, the full size would already be purchased and en route to my apartment.

candle 1

candle 3

candle 2

First thing’s first, this is a candle before it is a jewelry box. It is a rain-scented candle, i.e kind of boring and definitely not my scent. However, I die for mercury glass and the wooden top is pretty cutesy. Maybe it really is a jewelry box before a candle.

Size: 7/10 – medium size. Average size for a “jewelry box.”
Product: 7/10 – struggling to think of a single scent more uninteresting than “rain.” Obsessed with the box and the wooden top though, assuming I ever withstand burning enough of the “rain” candle to actually make use of the box.
Price: $18.95 – good price for a quality candle. I’d pay more for one that had an actual scent to it.



Popsugar seriously killed on this design thing this month, guys. These postcards are insanely cute, and I’m not sure whether to frame or actually mail them.

Size: 7/10 – 5 postcards. 4 horizontal, 1 vertical. My design senses found that to be a poor ratio, but I’ll only knock it down a few points.
Product: 6/10 – adorable designs, but nothing that you couldn’t DIY on some good cardstock.
Price: $10 – absolutely not. See aforementioned – a printer, cardstock and an exacto and you could make nearly perfect replicas for a literal fraction of the price.
Overall: 7/10 – I think I’ll frame these and place them around the house because ~fall spirit and Pinterest aspirations~


Asides from my bi-weekly tapas dates with girlfriends and the occasional Tinder dinner, my diet consists predominantly of Starbucks and McDonald’s, so pecan honey mustard was easily the least exciting item in the box. Due to my crippling hoarding habit, I tend to keep everything I receive, even when I know I’m not going to use it. This pecan honey mustard, however, will be given away seeing as how I feel like a poser even having it unopened in my apartment. It sounds and looks too gourmet to throw away, so I think mommy might get this one. #daughteroftheyear

Size: 6/10 – a good product size, but lets be real – any pecan honey mustard is too much pecan honey mustard.
Product: n/a – unable to rate this one, I refuse to try anything called “pecan honey mustard.” I fucking hate mustard.
Price: $6 – that’s 6 McChickens, or 6 McHashbrowns, or 6 sausage McMuffins, or just straight $6 that you didn’t waste on fucking mustard.
Overall: 0/10 – foodies probably like this. Unfortunately, I am only an aspiring foodie, and one who despises mustard at that. Lose lose.

A $20 gift card was a “bonus” item in the box. I’m usually not a fan of these kinds of cards because they usually require ~more~ of a purchase to enable your purchase, or you get excited about them, put them aside to use them, and find out, 4 months later that you have $500 worth of unused “gift cards” that expired and are worthless and now you’re just stuck there, sad. I also don’t like these because they require a lot of excess work – picking out the products, customizing the products, etc. I get curated boxes sent to me monthly because I don’t want to go out and discover/shop for all of these things on my own #lazygirlprobz. Inkdot is a pretty dope company for the non-lazies that do like to have their faces plastered all over their pillows and sheets and curtains and rugs though.

Size: n/a
Product: 8/10 – prints on wood (or pillows). Pretty cool idea if you have pictures you want printed *cough I don’t cough*
Price: $20 – will get you a decent sized product without having to spend extra on the site. A relatively rare thing.
Overall: 7/10 – this went to the top of my “to-use” gift card pile, but still will probably expire before I get around to using it.

Slay, Popsugar, slay. They absolutely ~killed~ it this month, and with the exception of the idiot mustard, I’m so stoked to use everything. More so, I’m looking forward to opening December’s box. The box cost $40 and had a value of $132.95 – 3.32x it’s cost. Absolutely worth the cost. So stoked.

What did you guys think? A penny for your thoughts!

xoxo, mk


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