Allure Beauty Box November 2015

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As someone who globs lotion from a Costco-sized tub onto their face to remove their makeup, I generally enjoy receiving makeup removers. It did the trick removing my leftover face grime, and I didn’t feel like I was smothering my face in acetone as I do with some removers. The fragrance was fresh and left me feeling clean and freshly laundered.

Size: 5/5 – didn’t need too much, so it might last a month. Your average sample size.
Product: 8/10 – everything came off with about 2 swipes. More effective than your average drug store brand and left me feeling pretty, even with a naked troll face.
Price: $8 – might sway me from my tub o’ lotion; a worthwhile investment.
Overall: 8/10 – we’ll see how long the sample lasts, but strongly inclined to buy.



A bold mix of 90’s romance and cotton candy. One spritz and there I was, the lead character in a popular 90’s TV show’s carnival episode, working the kissing booth and waiting for my crush to show. It was pretty potent, so I took everyone within a 50 foot radius to dreamland with me.

Size: 1/10 – your typical one (sprtiz) and done-r.
Product: 3/10 – a liquified carnival with a touch of refinement.
Price: $92 – why pay $92 when you can pay $5 and get a free loofa with the purchase of a 16oz bottle of cotton candy body spray at Bath & Body Works? Highly likely you won’t be able to tell the difference.
Overall: 2/10 would not buy. Hard pass.



A browbone zit. A browbone zit! I’m not necessarily prone to acne or breakouts, but after using this oil, I woke up with a BROWBONE ZIT, something I’ve never had in my life. My face felt excessively greasy and it didn’t leave me feeling particularly radiant or ~glowing~. I’m not the biggest fan of oils in the first place, and this was no exception.

Size: 5/5 – small sample, but a little goes a long way. I ❤ droppers though, makes me feel like a chemist.
Product: 5/5 – nothing exceptional. I may be biased because of the BROWBONE ZIT it caused tho.
Price: $106 – hard pass. This stuff is the color of gold, but unless it’s literally liquified gold, it’s not worth the premium.
Overall: 4/10 – I don’t spy the luxury. Acted just as a typical oil. Hard pass.

image8 (1)

image9 (1)


Of things that stick, this “liquid lipstick” is up there with velcro, maybe duct tape. I opened it up and it had that “going to adhere your hair to your lips forever” lipgloss consistency. The mini mag called it sheer, but it looks highly pigmented in the bottle. The brush is nicely pointed and glides on with ease. After putting it on the lips and working it a bit, I found that it was not only actually (relatively) sheer, but it was barely sticky. It melted into a slick gloss with a tasty light citrusy smell. Extremely pleasantly surprised.

Size: 7/10 – full sized? but not that large of a product.
Product: 6.5/10 – a nice glossy gloss, but extremely put off by the stickiness.
Price: $20 – maybe right after a paycheck, when I’m obviously at my prettiest.
Overall: 6/10 – would not buy. Could never get over the initial stickiness to use on a regular basis.



Love the packaging, loved the product. I have fine hair and tend to have greasy roots, so a product intended for the ~latter half of the mane~ was ideal. It provided the bounce it claimed and came in a mod bottle that I can definitely get into. However, though oil free it may be, it was surrounded in a halo of oil upon opening. A little shaking took care of that, but seemed suspicious amidst the oil-free claims.

Size: 5/10 – I foresee getting about 3 light uses on my luxurious thin, medium-length locks.
Product: 7/10 – provided greaseless bounce and that’s about all a greasy-roots-prone girl can ask for.
Price: $28.50 – unlike some hair products, it’s not priced as if it’s distilled in diamonds, which I like.
Overall: 7/10 – a contender for purchase, should my surplus of hair products ever run dry



There’s not much about this brand, or shower gels, that particularly excites me. Floral scents remind me of cat-ridden bed & breakfasts, and dual floral scented shower gels are about as exciting as bran muffins.

Size: 5/10 – 4-5 uses depending on your shower gel needs.
Product: 5/10 – exceptionally average shower gel.
Price: $19 – better off stealing hotel samples.
Overall: 5/10 – if you like floral scents, shower gels, and zero excitement in your life, this is the stuff for you.

Overall box:
This box has a value of $43.70 – 2.92x its original cost of $15, which isn’t stunning compared to other boxes. I’ve only been an Allure BB subscriber for 2 months, but I’m rather disappointed. I don’t know if this is the downfall of a great box last month, or a ramp up to a fantastic December box, but asides from the makeup remover, maybe a swipe of the lipstick and a few blowouts, I didn’t get much from the box. Of course, it’s mail, and that’s what we’re all in it for.

What did you guys think of the box? Anyone else ~transported~ to 90’s TV dreamland with the Hanae Mori, or am I going crazy? *Crazier. Let me know your thoughts!


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